AVS Registry Cleaner

AVS Registry Cleaner 4.1

Keep your Windows registry clean and get rid of all unnecessary files

Knowing how sensitive the Windows registry is and how it can seriously affect your system’s response, having a tool like AVS Registry Cleaner at hand is always a clever decision. Besides, this free tool will not only fix all broken or obsolete entries in your registry, but will also check your hard drives for all types of junk files, temporary Internet files, broken shortcuts, etc., removing all unnecessary files to help you regain valuable disk space.

The first thing the program does is to create a restore point, so that you can always roll back any changes made to your system in case it starts to behave in a strange way after your registry has been fixed. Regardless of this initial restore point, the program will still create a new one whenever you decide to scan and fix your computer. For extra security, AVS Registry Cleaner offers you a backup tool to make a fall-back copy of your registry and system to help you restore it to its previous state in case things go south.

The program will scan the selected drive(s) in a snap and will show you a list of all issues found on your Windows registry and the number of Temporary Internet Files, Junk Files, files in the Recycle Bin, Broken Shortcuts, and Corrupted Applications found. The next step is to check those categories you want the program to fix for you and to click on the Fix Problems button. To help you make your decision, a “details” link beside each category will take you to an exhaustive list of the files that need fixing.

As soon as you click on the Fix Problems problem, it will turn into a Stop Fixing button, which you can press if you want to interrupt the cleaning process. When trying the tool, I found this button to be less responsive than I had anticipated – when you are trying to stop a process that performs sensitive changes to your computer’s system, you want it to obey right away. No reason to worry, though – as said, you can always use the program’s frequent restore points and backups to leave things as they were. AVS Registry Cleaner’s scheduler allows you to set it to scan your PC or laptop at specific times and with the frequency of your choice (every day, every three days, every week, etc.).

Anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis knows how easily junk files of all kinds tend to pile up on our hard drives. If, on top of this, you browse the Web regularly or install and uninstall programs frequently, AVS Registry Cleaner is a must in your regular PC housekeeping. Being a free tool, having it installed on your PC won’t cost you, and if you use its scheduler to automate the clean-up process, it will help you to keep your registry and hard drives clean at all times without taking up your valuable time.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes clean-up features to remove junk files
  • Creates restore points before removing any files
  • Offers to back up your registry and system
  • Allows you to schedule all clean-up tasks


  • Stop fixing" button offers a slow response
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