AVS Registry Cleaner

AVS Registry Cleaner

AVS Registry Cleaner optimizes system’s performance
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AVS Registry Cleaner is intended to optimize your system performance by getting rid of registry problems. Besides, it can permanently erase traces of your activity that not only reduce your computer’s storage capacity but compromise your privacy as well.

This system optimizer has a nice and intuitive interface. As a matter of fact, the basic cleaning takes only a couple of clicks. However, expert users can also benefit from choosing the exact problem areas they want to scan and, after the results are ready, they can also choose which of the problems to fix. Moreover, you won’t even need to remember about running regular cleanings, if you just schedule these operations with a given periodicity.

This program certainly addresses some of the problems that notably reduce performance, as it’s the case of redundant and unnecessary registry entries. Moreover, since messing with the Registry may cause unexpected results, it allows creating registry backups and system restore points before proceeding to make any change. Unfortunately, the program seems not to support defragmenting the registry.

I regret saying that the actual effects of the program’s actions cannot be verified as the trial version is limited to scanning for errors. Apart from this, AVS Registry Cleaner doesn’t seem to be a match for other system optimizers that have many more features. To tell you the truth, some of these programs are free and with proven efficacy.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a nice interface.
  • It allows you to schedule scans.
  • It supports creating backups


  • The trial version does not allow to verify its effectiveness.
  • It doesn’t have as many features as other optimizers (like defragmenting the registry)
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